Dr Bernard Crowther studied a Bachelor of Science majoring in Anatomy and Physiology and graduated his Chiropractic Masters from Macquarie University in 2004. This core background on the sciences of the human body had given him a deep knowledge and understanding that allows him to provide the highest level of care possible to our patients.

Dr Crowther has also spent hundreds of hours learning Total Body Modification, an advanced Kinesiology technique that is considered to be the most consistent, successful whole-body healing techniques in the world.

He has also completed hundreds of hours study Applied Kinesiology, one of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques to be found and this has taken his diagnostic skill and understanding from a practitioner who can help you with your problems, to a practitioner that can also find the underlying weaknesses that led to the problem occurring in the first place.

He believes that true health is gained by approaching it as a complete health lifestyle, healthy mind, healthy body chemistry and healthy physical body. You cannot have great health without addressing all three of these core factors.

Outside of work Dr Crowther loves to travel the world, his favourite hobbies are wakeboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter, he loves keeping fit and is a keen car enthusiast.

He believes that by educating his patients on health and ensuring their body and spine are functioning at their maximum potential, he can provide the high quality of life that so many are seeking.

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